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Criminal law

  • Was your car vandalized.
  • Were you a victim of a car jacking or home jacking.
  • A member of your family has been remanded in custody.
  • Have you been attacked or has someone stolen your bag.
  • Were you the victim or the accused of aggravated assault and battery or unintentional harm before the criminal court.
  • Do you want to file a claim with the compensation fund for victims of intentional acts of violence to obtain monetary compensation.

Theft, receiving stolen property, fraud, forgery and use of forgery, perjury, extortion, assault, harassment, molestation, family abandonment, non-representation of children, abuse of trust, … so many subjects covered by criminal law and for which our expert criminal lawyers can inform, advise and defend you.

Our lawyers specialized in the matter:

Bernard Ceulemans
Aurélien Vanhaelen
Marie-Hélène Leroy