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Family and estate law

  • Are you having problems in your marriage and are you thinking of separating or divorcing.
  • Are the contributing shares for your children no longer appropriate.
  • Do you want alimony after divorce.
  • Do you have to organise or change accommodations for your children.
  • Are you divorced and is it time to proceed to the liquidation of assets (sharing of property and furniture).
  • Do you want to know what your rights are under legal co-habitation.
  • Do you want detailed information on matrimonial regimes or on legal habitation.
  • Does your former spouse prevent you from exercising the visiting rights accorded in the judgement (non representation of a child).
  • Does your former spouse refuse to pay alimony or his or her contributive share.
  • Do you wish to adopt a child or are you planning a maternity or paternity search.
  • Do you wish to recognise a child.
  • You are not the father of your legitimate child and wish to initiate paternity repudiation proceedings.
  • You begin family mediation and require the assistance and advice of a lawyer.

We will also help you in guardianship proceedings or other measures to protect persons and property.

Our lawyers specialised in the matter:

Marie-Hélène Leroy