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Road traffic law

  • Do you have to appear before the Police Court.
  • Has your driving licence been withdrawn.
  • Were you caught speeding.
  • Were you tested for alcohol.
  • Have you infringed the highway code (red light, unauthorised parking, using a mobile phone while driving, etc.).
  • Did the police note that your automobile civil liability insurance had expired during a road check.
  • Were you involved in a road accident and do you want an opinion about your liability.
  • Is your insurer claiming sums he paid to victims in proceedings he can initiate against the insured (recourse action).

Whether for the consequence of a simple roadside check, a collision or a serious accident, you will find lawyers who specialise in road traffic law at DVClex to answer all your questions and defend your interests in optimal fashion.

Our lawyers specialised in the matter:

Bernard Ceulemans
Michel Deger
Aurélien Vanhaelen
Marie-Hélène Leroy