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Label of the lawyers of the Liege bar Association

All lawyers who make use of the label of the Lawyers of the bar Association of Liège undertake to comply with the following principles :

1. The bar Association of the Lawyers of Liège guarantees that holders of e-mail addresses, details of which are shown, are registered lawyers; they are bound by strict obligations in respect of probity, competence (every lawyer is required to take ongoing training), and to observe professional secrecy.

2. To ensure compliance with professional secrecy, and to safeguard the confidentiality of e-mail correspondence, the bar Association recommends that its members make use of procedures that will guarantee the intégrity and security of communications.

3. Lawyers of the bar Association of Liège will not disclose any data of a personal nature that may be gathered in the course of e-mail communications to any other person. They will respect the personal privacy of their clients. The website of the lawyers of the Bar Association of de Liège is, therefore, free of cookies or, at all events, any cookies that might compromise the personal privacy of web surfers.

4. Websites of the bar Association of Liège will observe the professional code of ethics in relation to professional advertising. Moreover, the Association imposes strict obligations upon its members, reflecting the special nature of the profession of a lawyer.

5. Lawyers who subscribe to the principles contained in this code of practice will observe author’s rights. They wiIl refrain from making any use of material created by third parties without their authorisation.

6. Subscribing to the label requires avoiding any duplication of publicity strips, or overloads of graphic items that are difficult to download. Lawyers present on the web will use their best endeavours to ensure that material placed before the public for downloading is free from viruses or harmful scripts.

7. You can check that the website visited is indeed that of the lawyer being sought by entering the lawyer’s name in the search engine at that website and clicking on the URL, which is shown on the identification sheet.

8. Should you consider that a lawyer making use of the label has failed to comply with this code of practice, we would ask you to let us know.
The Bar Association of the Lawyers of Liège will do everything possible to ensure that its members who subscribe to this label comply with this commitment.

9. This is your own label: it needs to adapt and change. We, therefore, invite you to put forward any suggestions to us that you think might be useful.